AJET Musical – A Look Back

Viet Ngo as King Triton (left) in The Little Mermaid (2013)
「人魚姫」でトリトン王を演じるビーエット [左] 2013
Christopher Riedl as a soccer coach (second row on the left) in Harry Potter and the Big Beckham Rescue (2003)
「ハリーポッターと大ベッカムレスキュー」でサッカーコーチを演じるクリス [2列目左] 2003
  • Viet Ngo and Christopher Paul Riedl are two AJET musical alumni who have returned to take part in this year’s production of Aladdin. We spoke to both of them about their history with the musical and their opinion of this year’s musical.


Viet: “My first experience with the AJET Tokushima Musical was The Little Mermaid in 2013. I was an actor playing King Triton.”

ビーエット:「私がAJETミュージカルに初めて参加したのは、2013年のThe Little Mermaidでした。その時はトリトン王を演じました。」

“Since then, I’ve been a spectator, lights operator, backstage helper, props builder, backdrop painter, assistant director, and director.”


“This year, I have taken the mantle as director once more. We have a lot of people new to the musical this year. I’m not phased in the slightest. They’re all focused, and driven. A director couldn’t ask for a better group of cast and crew! Please look forward to it!”


Chris: “My history with the AJET Tokushima Musical is anything but brief!”


“My first experience with the AJET Tokushima Musical was Awa Cinderella in 1998. I co-wrote the script, did sound effects and music, and played the Prince’s mate. Since then, I’ve taken on many roles in nine different plays, including the first production of Aladdin in 2000!”

「私が初めてAJETミュージカルに参加したのは1998年に上演されたAwa Cinderellaでした。その時は、脚本の共同執筆者、かつ音響も担当しながら、舞台では王子の仲間を演じました。それ以来2000年の第1作目のAladdinを含め9本以上の舞台に立ち、数多くの役割をこなしてきました!

“Aladdin is such a fun story, I was really excited when AJET decided to revisit this musical. Re-imagining this tale in modern day New York is a challenge, but gives us the opportunity to put a fresh, fun spin on things. There is so much humor packed into this musical, I can’t wait to hear the audience’s reaction.”



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