Hercules: Awa Hero

ヘラクレス:アワ・ヒーロー ~ギリシャ神話の神が徳島に!~

.Our story takes place in Tokushima. Hercules has always been different from everyone else. His super strength and clumsiness keep him from making friends, and he feels like he doesn’t belong. Little does he know, he is actually the son of the Greek god Zeus;


Hercules was stolen from heaven as a baby and turned mortal. In order to restore his godhood, he must become a true hero. He travels to remote Iya Valley to find Phil, a legendary hero trainer, and he works hard to become strong.

While he trains to be a hero, Hercules’ evil uncle Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, is stirring up trouble. Hades plots to take over heavens with his oni underlings, Pain and Panic, and a woman named Meg.

Hercules has many obstacles to overcome on the path to reclaiming his godhood, and he must prove himself a true hero in order to find the place where he belongs.